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Yes, it was always going to happen.

Very much in its infancy...scanned material from the likes of old Play School annuals 'follows shortly' (pardon the pun). So if you're on Facebook, click that 'like' button. :-)


Jun. 27th, 2009 09:20 am
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Once again I've been going through the archive of DVDs converted from old tapes that my parents sent to me, and uploading the best bits to Youtube - one of my recent finds is an episode of Junior Maths, a programme presented by our lord and master Fred Harris that demonstrated maths concepts using often quite hallucinogenic computer graphics.

The problem happens almost exactly 45 seconds into that video. Previously I'd been quietly proud of being part of an era where things weren't dumbed down for children, but why in the name of Oliver Postgate do they called the number 20 "two-ty"? Now that I remember it I'm fairly certain they did this with 30 and 10 (one-ty one, one-ty two...) as well. I can't think of any reason to favour stretching the words to fit an artificial pattern like that over calling the numbers by their actual names, unless they were trying to subtly implant a more logical numbering system into our brains. Did anything else around that era do this?
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There was a brief clip of Fred Harris (complete with beard) from Me And My Micro shown last night on BBC4's TV's Believe It Or Not.

If you missed it, it's available on BBC iPlayer and will also be repeated on BBC4 this Friday night.

As an aside: despite the fact that Sean Lock wishes he was Victor Lewis-Smith, the show in its entirety is worth a watch for some genuine toe-curling televisual moments, and most of the clips *aren't* the ones that are repeated ad nauseum!
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One with [livejournal.com profile] vulcanlolita in mind. I'm sure you probably know of this but it seems Fred Harris is still up to something.

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This came from that site we used to post to, which became a Dick And Dom fan site. Anyway; you might be interested in it (even if it is in London, though I'm sure that nice Mr. Ryan does cheapies from Aldergrove) because the one and only FRED HARRIS will be there as well as Brian Cant, Johnny Ball and co.

Details from;
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Just a quick note to say a belated hello to the newest members of the [livejournal.com profile] choc_a_block elite-[livejournal.com profile] badasstronaut, [livejournal.com profile] flickerkitteh, [livejournal.com profile] frogclock and [livejournal.com profile] lyverbyrd. Good to see the community membership is now into double figures!

So tell us, folks-

*What were your favourite Schools and Colleges programmes?
*Your favourite idents?
*Fred Harris, Derek Griffiths or Johnny Ball?

Looking forward to your responses! :-)
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Taken from 'Playschool Omnibus' circa 1982

This scan comes from a section entitled 'When I Am Not In Playschool', where our Fred, Sheelagh Gilbey, Johnny Ball, Floella Benjamin, Ben Bazell and Carol Leader tell us what extra curricular activities they're into away from the show-ooer!

If anyone wants to see any of the rest, let me know! :-)

Fred says-
Have you ever seen the way a hamster stores up piles of seeds and nuts? Well, I'm a bit like that with musical instruments. Almost every time I go shopping I come back with something to toot, bang, scrape or pluck. It's usually something like a tin whistle or a tambourine. However, the recorder is my favourite instrument. Recorders are quite easy to blow but it takes a lot of practice to play them well. I enjoy making myself musical instruments too. I've built myself an organ, an electric piano and a synthesiser-this can make all kinds of strange 'outer space' sounds as well as playing tunes. This all keeps me very busy but not very quiet. I think my family must be very patient to put up with me!

I just love the description of the synth's capabilites explained to kiddies in his inimitable style! And *how big* is that barnet?! :-)


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