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Some of you may have seen this clip before, but if not, I thought I'd draw your attention to it as it's quite a gem. Not only do we have the first appearance of this particular variation of the BBC1 mirror globe ident/font combination *and* a snippet of Moira Stuart's first TV news bulletin, the music on this clip is an absolute winner. It sounds to me like Wendy Carlos-can anyone confirm or deny this?

Enjoy! )
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On catching a glimpse of Saxondale last night, I instantly recognised the theme tune ('House of the King' by Focus, apparently) as being the very same as that of a classic schools language programme. As did one or two others on t'interweb, it seems.

But which one?

[Poll #767090]

Whilst on the subject of theme tunes, can anyone think of any other examples which were album tracks or singles before being used as a theme tune? I know there are a plethora of folk/prog and Radiophonic/electronic tracks which have been plundered by both the BBC and ITV for their educational broadcasts in the 1970s and 1980s, and a list of both tracks and artists would be a useful resource for this humble little community.

Any suggestions?
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Does anyone know where I could get hold of that BBC Four programme 'Alchemists of Sound'? What I'm saying is do any of you have a copy? Thanks.
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there's a station that plays nothing but music from BBC and ITV trade test transmissions; it's HERE! Many thanks to David Laine of www.vintagebroadcasting.org.uk for this one. BTW, watch for the popups.

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Ooh! A nice little bit of archive TV Pres on ITV just there. I was sitting writing an email when my ears suddenly picked up on the jingle from Tyne Tees' 1959 ident coming from the next room. Lo and behold, I was right. It turns out they'd dug out a load of old Tyne Tees equipment and idents for the Yorkshire programme The Royal. Whereas it was lovely to see, there are obviously a few obsessive details I simply have to pick up on:-

1) Why would Tyne Tees be covering a hospital in Whitby? As I understand it, Whitby is now officially a Tyne Tees broadcast area covered by the Bilsdale transmitter. Before the transmitter swap in 1974, however, it was allocated to Yorkshire Television, hence in the 60s timeframe in which The Royal is set, Whitby would still be a Yorkshire Television location.

2) It was a Black and White programme they were supposed to be filming, yet the music from Tyne Tees' colour ident of 1969 could quite clearly be heard going into an ad break.

3) How come there wasn't even a 'with thanks to Tyne Tees Television' note on the end credits! =:\
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Readers may be interested by these couple of lines from the Oasis song, She's Electric (which is one of my favourites, being a massively unfashionable and tasteless person =;) ):

I'll be you and you'll be me,
Lots and lots for us to see,
Lots and lots for us to do,
If she is electric, can I be electric too?

Okay, so it's not that interesting, but hey, I felt like posting something in this place! =:P


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