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Some of you may have seen this clip before, but if not, I thought I'd draw your attention to it as it's quite a gem. Not only do we have the first appearance of this particular variation of the BBC1 mirror globe ident/font combination *and* a snippet of Moira Stuart's first TV news bulletin, the music on this clip is an absolute winner. It sounds to me like Wendy Carlos-can anyone confirm or deny this?

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Did anyone else apart from [livejournal.com profile] keresaspa and I catch the rerun of Election 74 on BBC Parliament yesterday to mark its 30th anniversary? If not, you missed a veritable retropresfest. No expense was spared (!) on the 'Election 74' logo which looked like it was made from polystyrene, and the studio looked like an Warsaw Pact holding centre. They even provided a little pot full of smoking materials on the typical functional studio coffee table for the guests! Can you imagine the Beeb doing that nowadays?!

For some reason I enjoyed the snippets of the likes of Julian Pettifer going out and about and asking 'ordinary' people what they thought and who they would vote for. What outfits! What hairstyles! *cackle* Not only that, the halls where the counts took place were grim-aided by Ian Paisley *singing* when he won what must have been the largest single majority in the whole of the UK. Yikes.

Still, it had stalwarts such as Robin Day, a dark haired and pre-boozer's nosed Alastair Burnett and a chain smoking Brian Walden-what more can one ask for? The things one does on a Sunday! :-D
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One word-unimpressed. Plus the newsreaders looked distinctly uncomfortable standing around towards the end of the broadcast.

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