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COI to close. Unbelievable. The end of the PIF makers and another nail in the coffin of nostalgia.

(Cross posted from my journal-apologies.)
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...And the general consensus is that certain PIFs scared us, here's one of the grimmest of all - Apaches. Watch with the lights out for maximum terror! *evil cackle*

Part 1 )

Part 2 )

Part 3 )

MrBronson66, I salute you for sharing this nightmarish gem!
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This time it's been given to Joe and Petunia. Have any of you seen this yet? I saw it for the first time the other night, hence me being a bit late with the news!

And why are chav elements *always* incorporated into remakes? *sigh*
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Something that might be of interest over on Auntie's site.
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Those of a sensitive disposition probably shouldn't click on this link, but the BBC website's Magazine is running a series on classic Public Information Films, and Thursday's offering is the infamous Lonely Water, which I suspect most people growing up in the 1970s and 1980s got shown at school; I know I did.
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Probably many of you already know about this, but the National Archives is putting a collection of Public Information Films up on its website. So far they have about 20 up, from the period 1945 to 1951, which can be found here:

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Disappointed by the lack of PIF's about firework night as yet. BOO HISS!!! I wanted to revel in the blissful memories of burned fingers and bad sunglasses. I guess it's off to TV-Ark for me again then!
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Just got this from the TV Ark PIF forum (thanks to Marky) and thought that a caption competition might go down a storm. It's from a Don't Talk to strangers PIF, so....are we ready?!
give it a bash )
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Just come across this site which is ram packed with PIF's from the States. Trust me, I'm pissing myself over them. Where we had scary, they had the patronizingly bizarre. Most amused by one called 'The Chopper' with a Fonzie-esqu cartoon guy, and one with rather a phallic image, 'Make a Saturdae'. All those penile references, I tell you, they are sex MAD over there! (Hmmm, how does one go about testing that theory ;-).) Uhhh hummmmmm, anyway, take a look http://www.anglefire.com/retro/gartwo/ .

Also, there's a site which sells American Nuclear Paranoia, sorry PIF's. Quite interested in obtaining this meself now seens as I'm becoming rather obsessed by this. I know this obviously includes the classic 'Duck and Cover' along with some other crazy assed stuff from the post Hiroshima era of the 1950's.

New PIF's?

Nov. 8th, 2003 10:04 pm
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For anyone who is even slightly interested, there are some new pif's on the site www.visit4info.com. They are all under the latest section (go 30+ days). Some real crackers including an anti drugs one...something like 'delivered by arseholes, taken by idiots' accompanied with a bloke crapping out Charlie. Laugh? I almost died!
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Again I have heard more items on the news about people drowning in lakes/ponds, etc, over the last few days due to trying to get some relief from this sodding heatwave. These days there seems to be no awareness what so ever about the perils these bodies of water can hold as there were in 'our day' (excuse me for sounding like an old bugger there).

Anyhow, it got me thinking back to the terrifying PIF from the late 70's, 'I am the spirit of the dark and lonely water' which, if you remember had that Grim Reaper figure standing at the banks of rivers, ponds and all that, face covered with brown cloth and a big, evil looking monk's habit thing. The PIF gave out three specific scenarios regarding water safety, two cumulating in death. The final, if memory serves (too terrified to watch it on Charley Live, to this day) had one little boy being rescued by some passers by and the Reaper saying 'I'll be back' or 'I'll get you next time', in one of those villains from Scooby Doo kind of ways. Needless to say it gave me nightmares.

To be honest I think it's about time the COI tried to recapture the 'horror' or the 70's and 80's PIF's as it seemed to me that they scared kids into having a lot more sense than they do now. One example from my own experience, my four year old son went through a phase of running across busy roads and no matter how many times I told him off, punished him for doing it (yes, I advocate smacking kids if totally essential and I think almost getting run over after not listening to a damn word, does constitute that), talking to him nicely about it...and so on, he still kept on doing it. My final solution was to show him the 'Children under 5 road safety' PIF from the TV ark site. He sat there happily watching it until the bit where the tires screech and it's implanted that the child has been run over and killed. The visuals and whole idea terrified the hell out of him. To this day he's not done that again. First hint he might and we say 'remember what happened to the boy who ran across the road?' His reply 'He got squashed. I don't want to get squashed.'

Since that he's come down with my PIF obsession and insists on taking 'Charley Says' with him everywhere he goes. I'm really happy with that, not in a way of he's enjoying the same things I do, but in the way that he's becoming educated towards potential dangers in a way he sees as fun. I'm yet to show him 'C.L' as I think a lot of things on there would be too much for him to handle. Shit, enough of them gave me the fear when I was a kid and they were shown during the ad breaks in TISWAS!

Enjoy the rest of the day peeps! I'm off to pray for rain. (an atheist praying?!)
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Damnit, I can not sleep as I have the 'Swim Song' in my head (PIF circa 1982). Worse thing is that 'Charley says' is down at my mum's place and I can't remeber all the lyrics. Also must mention that this was the theme song of mine and my friends as we traveled our way through Uni life, not too long ago.

"Breat stroke,
Back stroke,
Butterfly and crawl
Doggy paddle
Belly flop,
You can do them all
Learn to swim
(Duhh du du du duh du duhhhh)."

Also, from watching 'Charley live', I noticed my neighbour (and ex Eastender) in one of the anti drink driving PIF's. Was well impressed...the PIF outweights being Nick Cotton by a long shot.

Nighty all.x
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DIP your headlights!

My memory's probably as faulty as ever, but I seem to remember this particular one going on longer than most of its old-fashioned contemporaries. Anyone know when it finally bit the dust?
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Once again, inspired by a [livejournal.com profile] loganberrybunny post! :-)

Now, I'm sure some of you Choc-a-blockers are au fait with the 'Charley Live' DVD/video. I've been thinking about the scarier PIFs on it, as well as other disturbing PIFs I've seen, and feel the following are strong contenders.

(1) 'Keep children away from matches' where the camera trails around a burned out house, and the echoes of screams are heard as one assumes the kids were killed in the house fire.

(2) The late 60s or early 70s series of PIFs where various ordinary people are driving short distances without their seatbelts on and subsequently encountering the Blunders (Mr, Mrs or Billy) on the road-the disturbing part being slow footage of their heads going through their windscreens!

(3) The 'Play Safe' series, shown in our school circa 1981-the most memorable one being the kid going to retrieve his frisbee from a power station, and getting electrocuted in the process, and his friend screaming 'Jimmy!' Yes, we laughed at the time in school, but as an adult I can truly see how macabre these PIFs were!

(4) Possibly not seen outside of Northern Ireland, but we had a PIF for the 'Confidential Telephone' hotline to the police where people could report any paramilitary activity anonymously. It showed the typical grim scenes of the 'troubles'-a man involved in paramilitary action, kneecapping another man, his son inheriting his behaviour and inevitably ending up dead. Miserable stuff.

(5) The 'Protect and Survive' series-around the time they were shown, the threat of nuclear war seemed like it was only around the corner, especially when the news at the time showed people making fallout rooms! It was as if they were trying to tell us something...as a child I may not have fully understood the implications of a nuclear war, but from seeing these I knew it was something terrifying!

(6) But for me anyway, the scariest one was the 'Spirit of Dark and Lonely Water' PIF-Grim Reaper character hovering around stagnant water overseeing children messing about and inevitably falling in and drowning. He then admits he has no power over sensible children, but announces 'I'll be back' in a disturbing echoed voice. I watched that one in the dark recently and couldn't sleep!

Any more suggestions before I try to lighten up? :-)


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