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(Originally posted on my Journal, but it should be of interest to some here =:) )

It was expected under the new higher order of the merged Granada and Carlton, but they've announced today Tyne Tees Television's studios on City Road are to close.

The North East ITV station has been in that building just over 45 years now, but now they're being kicked out so Granada can make a bit more money. Whilst I'm not surprised they're doing it, I really hate this usual excuse that comes about whenever they shut down the studios about how 'the existing ones are outdated, and we'll be moving them to state-of-the-art facilities'. The same excuse was used with Grampian (admittedly, not Granada's fault there) and Meridian. For anyone who doesn't know, 'state-of-the-art facilities', means a pokey place on a cheaper industrial estate with a studio for producing news and nothing else. Oh, but it has some new cameras, so it's state-of-the-art. =:(
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Ooh! A nice little bit of archive TV Pres on ITV just there. I was sitting writing an email when my ears suddenly picked up on the jingle from Tyne Tees' 1959 ident coming from the next room. Lo and behold, I was right. It turns out they'd dug out a load of old Tyne Tees equipment and idents for the Yorkshire programme The Royal. Whereas it was lovely to see, there are obviously a few obsessive details I simply have to pick up on:-

1) Why would Tyne Tees be covering a hospital in Whitby? As I understand it, Whitby is now officially a Tyne Tees broadcast area covered by the Bilsdale transmitter. Before the transmitter swap in 1974, however, it was allocated to Yorkshire Television, hence in the 60s timeframe in which The Royal is set, Whitby would still be a Yorkshire Television location.

2) It was a Black and White programme they were supposed to be filming, yet the music from Tyne Tees' colour ident of 1969 could quite clearly be heard going into an ad break.

3) How come there wasn't even a 'with thanks to Tyne Tees Television' note on the end credits! =:\
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Inspired by the previous UTV/ Ulster Television post, I believe some regionalia would make good linkage. Suggestions on a postcard, please, or, better still, in an email to yours truly. Thanks! :-)
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Got this link from the Fiver, the Guardian's daily round-up of football. Not sure how it's realted to football but I think it's relevant to this forum.

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Once again, inspired by a [livejournal.com profile] loganberrybunny post! :-)

Now, I'm sure some of you Choc-a-blockers are au fait with the 'Charley Live' DVD/video. I've been thinking about the scarier PIFs on it, as well as other disturbing PIFs I've seen, and feel the following are strong contenders.

(1) 'Keep children away from matches' where the camera trails around a burned out house, and the echoes of screams are heard as one assumes the kids were killed in the house fire.

(2) The late 60s or early 70s series of PIFs where various ordinary people are driving short distances without their seatbelts on and subsequently encountering the Blunders (Mr, Mrs or Billy) on the road-the disturbing part being slow footage of their heads going through their windscreens!

(3) The 'Play Safe' series, shown in our school circa 1981-the most memorable one being the kid going to retrieve his frisbee from a power station, and getting electrocuted in the process, and his friend screaming 'Jimmy!' Yes, we laughed at the time in school, but as an adult I can truly see how macabre these PIFs were!

(4) Possibly not seen outside of Northern Ireland, but we had a PIF for the 'Confidential Telephone' hotline to the police where people could report any paramilitary activity anonymously. It showed the typical grim scenes of the 'troubles'-a man involved in paramilitary action, kneecapping another man, his son inheriting his behaviour and inevitably ending up dead. Miserable stuff.

(5) The 'Protect and Survive' series-around the time they were shown, the threat of nuclear war seemed like it was only around the corner, especially when the news at the time showed people making fallout rooms! It was as if they were trying to tell us something...as a child I may not have fully understood the implications of a nuclear war, but from seeing these I knew it was something terrifying!

(6) But for me anyway, the scariest one was the 'Spirit of Dark and Lonely Water' PIF-Grim Reaper character hovering around stagnant water overseeing children messing about and inevitably falling in and drowning. He then admits he has no power over sensible children, but announces 'I'll be back' in a disturbing echoed voice. I watched that one in the dark recently and couldn't sleep!

Any more suggestions before I try to lighten up? :-)


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