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I've... sort of forgotten to actually make a post actually announcing this before, but a while ago my parents got themselves a VHS to DVD recorder and have been rescuing relics from the old tapes at the back of the video cupboard. This includes a pile of schools programmes that were recorded for me when I was very young - I think they're fairly late on in the general era that this group covers (mostly being from the mid-to-late 80s), but there's a fair amount of Fred Harris and his lot on there. I've been uploading them to Youtube under the account name:


Programmes up there at the moment include Video Maths, Words and Pictures, Music Time, Thinkabout Science (the series where their gran was Nursie from Blackadder), Storyworld with Tony Robinson, and, of course, Chockablock. My personal favourite so far, though, is something that's in this group's interests but I haven't seen any other trace of anywhere - Wondermaths, a maths programme in space.

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...And the general consensus is that certain PIFs scared us, here's one of the grimmest of all - Apaches. Watch with the lights out for maximum terror! *evil cackle*

Part 1 )

Part 2 )

Part 3 )

MrBronson66, I salute you for sharing this nightmarish gem!
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cross-posted to my personal LJ

...but you do get a longish interview with Martin Lambie-Nairn (who sadly has a rather boring interview manner) and some great examples of 1987-vintage CGI from the Imagina Conference that year. I wonder what happened to that "John Lasseter" bloke from the "Pixar" company which won the top prize... =;) There's also a truly wonderful Hamlet (as in the cigar) advert quite near the start (about 1'30" in) that I remembered as soon as I saw it. =:)

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New PIF's?

Nov. 8th, 2003 10:04 pm
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For anyone who is even slightly interested, there are some new pif's on the site www.visit4info.com. They are all under the latest section (go 30+ days). Some real crackers including an anti drugs one...something like 'delivered by arseholes, taken by idiots' accompanied with a bloke crapping out Charlie. Laugh? I almost died!
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ITV2 had it's relaunch this morning. New idents, new trailers, new Dog and a new Website (about bloody time). Just a shame it's the same old schedule. The new idents are strange, mainly because they don't feel all that new. They're fully computer generated in 3D, and the background to them is an empty black. I tend to think it's a style almost reminiscent of the good old idents on most stations in the late 80s/early 90s (especially Channel 4 and Central). You know, that time when they'd just found they *could* create 3D graphics with computers, yet those computers weren't as capable of producing the fancy backgrounds. =:D *Suddenly feels all fuzzy*

Images and video are online at The TV Room. Wish I was as efficient in updating my site as Mike is. =;)


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A Fred Harris marathon follows shortly

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